I obtained my BA in Biological Sciences from the California State University-Fullerton in 1996. Immediately after graduating with my BA, I continued my education by going to the University of Missouri-Columbia (MU). I graduated with my Ph.D in Biological Sciences (with an emphasis in Neurophysiology) in May of 2001. My thesis work on neural plasticity of the central nerve pathways that regulate feeding behavior in Aplysia californica produced one co-author publication and four first author publications. These studies involved examining functional neural regeneration of central nerve pathways that elicit fictive feeding by using single cell electrophysiology. During my studies on regeneration, I discovered that the feeding system of Aplysia also underwent a plasticity that is reminiscent of short-term memory.

I am currently teaching full-time at Cypress College (Anatomy & Physiology Associate Professor). I teach Human Anatomy, Human Anatomy & Phyiology, and Integrated Medical Science, and Human Physiology.

Contact Information:
Dr. Tony Sanchez, Ph.D.
Cypress College
9200 Valley View St.
Cypress, CA 90630-5897

(714) 484-7000, ext 48742

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