Adding A Closed Course

Students must enroll in the course by going to MyGateway. If the course is closed, students must add themselves to a wait list. Only waitlisted students may petiton the course on the first day the course meets.

The Wait List

Students now enroll themselves onto a waitlist when myGateway advises them that a course is closed. A waitlist controls seats once the maximum enrollment has been met. When a student attempts to register into a full course that has a waitlist, a registration error message will appear advising that the course is closed and how many persons are already on the waitlist.

To be waitlisted for that course, a student must then complete the following steps:

  1. After a student chooses the waitlist option, the system will assign a priority number telling the student what number they are on the waitlist.
  2. Only when a seat becomes available will the system notify the student by email. The email will instruct them on how to change their waitlisted status to a registered status.
  3. The student has 48 hours from receiving the email to return to myGateway and complete the registration process.

Note: If the notified student takes no action within the 48 hour timeframe, no other advisement will be sent. The next student on the waitlist will be sent an email notifying them of the available seat.

Completing The Registration Process

To officially add the course after receiving the waitlist email, the student must log into myGateway

Beside the waitlisted entry on the Add/Drop screen, select “Registered--Web” from the drop down box

Click “Confirm Your Choices” followed by “Complete Registration”

Students must pay all registration fees at the time of registration. Unpaid fees will result in being dropped for non-payment or an academic hold placed on the student’s record.

How to Petition A course

Students that are on the Waitlist will have the opportunity to petition the course on the first day the course meets. Students that are listed on the Waitlist must petition the course as follows (NOTE - a spot on the Waitlist does not guarantee a spot in the course if an opening becomes available):

Students (registered and waitlist) need to attend the first day the course meets. If a registered student does not attend the first day the course meets, they will be dropped and then their seat will be made available to petitioning students that are on the Course Waitlist. Petitioning students will then be added based on their position on the Course Waitlist (number of available seats depends on the number of no-shows on that first day).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The Wating list is closed, now what? - Once the waiting list is closed, no one else can be added to the waiting list.

Can I still petition the course on the first day of course? - Only if you are on the waiting list.

I was dropped from the course because I did not pay on time, can I get added back? - No

Can I still petition the course after the first day the course meets? - No

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